Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 16

Hi everyone,

This week the following things were done:

  1. Implemented package-info.java writer
  2. Implemented skeleton for jsbml parser generation.
  3. Updated expand attributes for parser
  4. Added getNamespaceURI() generator
  5. Added getShortLabel() generator
  6. Added isRequired() generator
  7. getPackageName() generator
  8. getPackageNamespaces()
  9. getNamespaces()
  10. getNamespaceFor(int level, int version, int packageVersion)
  11. createPluginFor() method generator.
  12. getListOfSBMLElementsToWrite(Object sbase)
  13. processAttribute() generator
  14. processEndElement() generator
And the good news are that the codes  are generated both under Windows and Linux(430d214).

The only thing left for the parser generation is to finalize processStartElement and writeElement methods.
The unusual order of the "else if" statements generation for processStartElement turned out a little problematic.
The only thing that is challenging is that  package specific features are treated differently in JSBML from libSBML, such is the case for FBCs'     "And" and "Or" treatment.

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