Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 10

Class methods detector

This week involved devising a system for automatic override key detection.
For that I came with the idea to create javap parser and look inside import modules and see which methods are abstract.It works, but maybe I overcomplicated things slightly. For the future I think  I will insert all the data from javap for a particular class inside a dictionary. It will change the implementation, but the logic about how to detect override methods won't.
It can also be used for the detection of the missing constructors,that need to be generated as well as get Instance methods.

Mandatory methods generator

This weeks also included the creation of the Mandatory methods generator.
Dr. Bergmann gave a valuable insight about devisers attribute['reqd'] key,which facilitated the detection of return value for the method.Here's the link.

Things to do

Go back to constructor generator.
In the case of QualitativeSpecies.java, the current generator creates setCompartment(java.lang.String) method, but during compilation I get an error(QualitativeSpecies.java:36: error: QualitativeSpecies is not abstract and does not override abstract method setCompartment(Compartment) in CompartmentalizedSBase), which is visible during javap output,so that is something that has to be addressed. Also will take care of the generation of Instance methods.


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