Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 9

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately last week not much was done because I had a exam at the university.I passed it and got an idea.

The idea came to fruition when last week Dr. Dräger mentioned about java reflection and  jython, but I thought there should to be an alternative.

As to me the alternative can be pyjnius, which is a Python module to access Java classes as Python classes using JNI. It has an active community that comes from Android development, easy to use and does not depend on many dependencies.
These are the dependencies.
  1. Java JDK(OpenJDK also works)
  2. Cython and six
  3. Setup JAVA_HOME environment
  4. Setup JRE_HOME environment

Just with a couple of lines it's possible to see all the methods of the class(raw),
but again  it turns out that java reflection is not enough for imports.For example, IDEs' such as Eclipse have their own parser to determine what to import. Still this approach can be used to get instance() methods which are not available in the Deviser xml descriptions.

I think it'll be nice to discuss it during TC.

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