Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 4

This week was an interesting one.

It involved reading and comparing between the Deviser generated packages with the JSBML examples as well as delving in the references of C++, Java, JSBML.The work was done on the 5 packages(fbc, dyn, distrib,spatial,qual).
The diagrams for the JSBML examples were obtained through ObjectAid in Eclipse.

High resolution PDF links are posted.
Here's the meaning behind the coloured circles:

Green - similar in both LibSBML and JSBML
Blue - similar, but in a different location
Orange - similar, but with some differences
Red - not available in LibSBML

FBC package

dyn package




The major differences are observed in the qual package.

After that to have a better understanding of Deviser, which is written in Python, having a  class diagram would be helpful.In the end I installed pylint, which includes pyreverse and here's a PDF diagram,but need to have thorough look at the options.
Deviser classes

On a final note, the fork of the Deviser generates  the JSBML package folder structure as described in the JSBML Manual.

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  1. Hello Hovakim,

    well done. I think the comparison between the package functions is really helpful to the team already. Thanks for attaching PDFs this time! As for the PDF on the Deviser workings, I believe it would be better to just contact us with any questions you have, rather than spending a lot of time there.

    Again, Thanks!