Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 6

Good news, over the last weekend I got some of the primary parts, mainly all the changes were done in the SetGetFunctions.py and it already generates code. Here are some snippets.

Here are the same functions from QualitativeSpecies.java: official JSBML example  and Deviser generated code.

But there were way more changes and other changes have to be done as well.

  1. Refactoring of the variables and class names has been performed.
  2. In BaseJavaFile.py: It was modified, but the main changes were done to the expand_attributes method, also a new dictionary value was added the "JClassType" for attributes. Since Java has both the primitive and the Class. Example int and Integer.
  3. Major changes in the SetGetFunctions.py, that included modifying write_set,write_get, write_is_set, write_unset and their submodules.
  4. All the changes were pushed to the fork.

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